1. Respect the directions that are laid out by Kittystyle ( and mods )

2. Do NOT attack people on the site. If you have disagreement with someone, then we will tolerate it, for the sake of resolving issues. But relentless attacks will not be tolerated in any way shape or form.

3. No concern trolling. Dont pretend to be real, if you are fake. Just leave the site. Lying/manipulating members is not allowed.

4. No stalking and predatory behaviour

5. No bullying.No harrasment. No abuse. No persecution

6. No viciousness, lying, slander and defamation. This will result in a permaban

7. Be good. If you cant be good, be as good as you can be.

8. Hate/hatespeech is not tolerated.

9. Dont be a jerk, nobody likes a jerk :-(

10. Facilitate a loving and supporting environment. Be an asset to the community.

11. No nudity, in the form of sextortion, or nudes without explicit consent! semi nudes, are totally ok, as long as consent is given to share.

12. No doxing!. Do NOT share personal information about community members.

13. Do not depict murders, gore, and other extreme violence. No excrements, or pee. Dont be obscene. If you use it for satirical purpose, or as a joke, then do this in moderation, and use comon sense.

14. No underage sex (pedophelia). no animal porn, no porn in general.

15. Drinking/druguse is allowed, if it is allowed in your area

16. Dont strip naked. Dont show your penis, breasts, genitalia or asshole. Depictions/drawings are however, ok. Everything in moderation though. We dont intent to run a pornsite.

17. improper/malicious use of the platform, may lead to DOX or other consequences

18. the site is generally +18 years. If you have explicit consent from your parents, or have a guardian present, you are allowed to be younger.

19. Refrain from breaking any laws.

20. Swearing and offensive language is ok, but dont use this, to attack anyone in the community.